Kelly Casey and Emilion SA Off to a Great Start

Kelly Casey and Emilion SA Off to A Great Start in the 5-Year-Old Division of the Markel/USEF National Young Horse Championships 

by Mary 

Kelly Casey and Emilion SA (Photo: Lori Rocereto)
Kelly Casey and Emilion SA (Photo: Lori Rocereto)

Kelly Casey knew her talented young dressage star was in great hands when he hitched a ride on the DG Bar annual cross country caravan from California to Wayne, Illinois, for her first-ever shot at the Young Horse Championships. “I am very grateful to DG Bar who generously offered to bring Emilion SA with them across the country. They do this annually, and I knew he would be in the best hands. Emilion SA traveled well and was rested and fit for me when I arrived.” He was more than ready for the 5-year-old preliminary test leading a field of 16 of America’s best and brightest with a score of 86.2.  The young sales prospect she had purchased with good friend Bob Tenwolde as an unbroken 3-year-old kept revealing new layers of talent. The KWPN gelding by Painted Black x Landwind II B, bred by M Sanders Peeters, in the Netherlands was started in the Netherlands by Tenwolde and was imported in July 2013. Know affectionately as "Eeyore” Casey was hooked on maybe keeping this one around for her own future in High Performance. “His athleticism, ability to collect and the correct use of his whole body, make riding him daily an absolute pleasure and confirm my belief that he is on the road to Grand Prix.”
Apparently, the judging panel thought so too with high scores and wonderful comments.

Kelly Casey and Emilion SA schooling (Photo: Lori Rocereto)
Kelly Casey and Emilion SA schooling (Photo: Lori Rocereto)

Canter a 9 and said "wonderfully balanced, wonderfully uphill and expressive"
Trot 8.4
Walk 8.5
Submission 8.5
General Impression 8.7
Overall: 8.62
"Lovely elegant uphill horse with a powerful performance"

Kelly Casey operates KC Dressage, training and sales business located in Livermore, CA. “My business is a great blend of quality young horses, competitive amateurs showing through FEI and a small selection of talented imported sales horses.” Casey works closely at home with her trainer Bob Tenwolde from the Netherlands who visits frequently. “Bob has been instrumental in helping me develop not only Emilion SA, but all the horses in my program.”
“I couldn't thank everyone at DG Bar enough for making this trip possible!”