Horse Rescue Donations

Our hearts are with the horses, always have been, always will be, no matter what. We can only save so many BUT with your help we CAN do this and make a difference in the lives of several horses. We will be starting a branch of the ranch that's mission will be to give a home to rescued horses + provide them with a loving forever space and a fulfilling job that they will love.

Our goal is to provide a home for rescued horses + ponies that will be able to partner with us and join our program for foster children in Alameda County. Saving horses + creating a healing space here at Willow + Wold Ranch.

To help us accomplish our goal we are open to ANY donations, monetary or material. Let us know what you are willing to help with. $50? $250? Breeches or boots? Let us know, we'll give it a new life and SAVE a pony/horse! 

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