Horse Wellness + Program Donations

Horses heal. We know how impactful our relationships with our horses have been over the years. We know there are many moments it was this partnership that got us through troubling times. We also understand that this sport is expensive and not realistic for everyone due to its financial constrains. We don’t think that should be the case 

We have a vision of creating a healing space at the ranch for both horses + humans (especially children). We will be working towards creating an equine healing + wellness therapy program that will be available to those in need of therapy, healing, or to simply reset.

Our goal is to provide this program at a cost the individual in need CAN afford, which may me  nothing. We will be looking to rescue and for SAFE horses + ponies that will be able to partner with us and join our therapy program for children. Saving horses + creating a healing space here at Willow + Wold Ranch.

To help us accomplish our goal we are open to ANY donations, monetary or material. Let us know what you are willing to help with. Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to share more s our program is developed 

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