KC Dressage at Willow and Wolf Ranch

Welcome to KC Dressage, led by head trainer Kelly Casey, we provide expert dressage training in a safe, positive and supporting atmosphere. Kelly is a USDF Gold Medalist and FEI competitor. KC Dressage clients will tell you that Kelly and her staff provide the utmost care for their horses, wonderful instruction and team spirit at home and at shows.

Focusing on horse training and dressage horse sales KC Dressage can help you find your next riding partner. 

KC Dressage is dedicated to developing the partnership between horse and rider.  Whether your goal is to move up the levels through Grand Prix or improve your seat, balance and connection with your horse, KC Dressage has a proven strategy for success. 

Led by head trainer Kelly Casey Mykrantz, we provide dressage training in a systematic, consistent and encouraging atmosphere. 

KC Dressage is committed to the world class care for your equine athlete with a full time professional barn manager and groom on staff.