Arena Dust Control - Equine Riding Magnesium Alternative

Arena Dust Control - Equine Riding Magnesium Alternative

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Equine Riding Arena Dust Control helps make your indoor and outdoor riding arenas less dusty + healthier places for you and your horse. This non-toxic product reduces airborne agricultural dust that has been shown to promote respiratory illness in horses, riders and trainers.

It controls dust by improving water retention in arena footing and paddock soil. As it reduces dust, it replaces the need to repeatedly water footing. It saves you time, labor, water and money and serves as an ecological and environmentally safe option for dust control.

In addition, it granulates dust particles to form a loam-like riding surface, making footing or paddock soil more workable with time. The improved footing further supports horse health by providing better working surfaces.

Key benefits:

  • Reduces the health hazards associated with airborne dust particles.
  • Resists evaporation. Stabilizing effect to reduce frost damage and overall wear.
  • Controls dust by improving the water retention of the soil.
  • Granulates dust particles to form a loam-like riding surface.
  • Continues to improve arena and paddock soil with each application and watering.
  • Reduces labor and water consumption while maintaining the arena surface.
  • Works on all types of soils: sand, sand/clay mix, clay, hardpan and caliche (an extremely hard clay), regardless of the pH.
  • One Bucket covers up to 20,000 SF