Perfection Compost RICH All-Natural Potting Soil

Perfection Compost RICH All-Natural Potting Soil

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For the BEST compost shop Willow + Wolf natural compost and/or our amazingly nutritious potting soil. This is the BEST you can buy! Composting can be a very slow process + we've perfected it, aged our compost to perfection right here on our farm. Our compost is made right on our farm where we combine our green grasses, horse manure, mini wood chips, with water, air, and sunlight to achieve the finest and purest compost. We never use pesticides or additives. All of our ingredients are clean and natural from the Earth + our horses. Our product is double-finely screened to maintain the highest standards which contributes to faster growth and promoting health and vitality towards all that you grow.

Our compost can feed existing soil or you can plant directly in it. Try our amazing compost + add to your soil, on your gardens, flower beds, lawns, shrubs, trees, and house plants.

Choosing to be the best, significant in keeping a stealthy and healthy environment for growing ALL plants. Try a box! Experience rapid and gratifying results. You'll be very happy you did.

Your plant's favorite!  Sold in 10lb Bags