When You Don't Say NO Good Things Happen!

When You Don't Say NO Good Things Happen!

When You Don't Say NO Good Things Happen!

Joanna Thurman-Baker Dressage USA

Like....Joanna Thurman-Baker Professional dressage rider coming to the US to visit!

Joanna Thurman Baker is an outstanding British young Dressage rider. Joanna has represented her country at young rider European level twice and has produced four horses to international level in her short career. She trains under world renowned, Carl Hester and loves to keep dressage fun, even while riding Grand Prix level.

She is a member of the World Class podium potential programme squad. Joanna runs her family yard in Buckinghamshire alongside her sister, Samantha and is a TOP trainer, rider + clinician in dressage. 

BUTTTT besides all of this we have one thing in common...San Piko. Piko is my gelding that I have been blessed to be able to ride for the past 4 years. Albeit he retired 2 years ago he is by FAR the most amazing animal on this planet. He was imported almost 7 years ago from Carl Hester's barn. That is all I knew.

Little did I know that Joanna was the one that rode him as a young rider and that her and I would connect, and MEET in person one day! 

Our shared love for Piko is what brought us together as friends across the pond....her in the UK and me in the States. We shared photos and kept in touch until last month when she decided she wanted to come to the US! 

When something new and unfamiliar is often presented some may say NO immediately but I could not. I said, "YES, COME visit!" Even though we never met in person and are virtually strangers we knew our shared love for this amazing animal was all we needed to make this opportunity a reality! 

So now she has arrived and I am so excited to have her share her wisdom of dressage and philosophy with me and my horses! 


Here's to listening to the universe....CHEERS!!!




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