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  • Hunter jumper competitive training barn in the bay area

    Exceed Your Riding Potential

    Boutique hunter/jumper/equitation equestrian training and sales provided by Dana Robinson. Personalized training programs for horse & rider to help exceed your equestrian potential!

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  • Horse boarding in Livermore CA retirement pastures

    Retirement Horse Boarding

    Exceptional horse retirement at Livermore's premier equine community. Each horse enjoys acres of safe roaming space, oversized weather-proof shelters. A retirement haven where every detail reflects premium quality and thoughtful care.

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Our Horse Care Philosophy

Discover a sanctuary of calm for your equine partners at our facility, where each horse's health and happiness are nurtured with unparalleled dedication. Our impeccable services, where every detail - from top-quality feed and pristine stalls to mental wellness and comprehensive training programs - is crafted with precision and profound care. At our facility, we don’t just maintain standards, we set them, ensuring that your cherished athletes receive nothing short of the respect and love they deserve. Join us, and allow your horse to thrive in an environment rich with unwavering commitment and exceptional care at Willow and Wolf Ranch.

Ranch Merch

Ranch Merch

Willow and Wolf Branded Merch. Ranch baseball caps, sweatshirts, tees and more! 

Fresh Live Olive Branch Bunches

Fresh Olive Branch Bunches

Bring a touch of nature into your home with fresh olive tree... 

Need more info? We can help!

Lessons and Boarding Info

Our Training Programs

Learn about our boutique hunter/jumper/equitation competitive

Learn to ride horses or start training competitively at our full-service equestrian center in Livermore, CA. As the top destination for hunter/jumper/equitation competitive training in the Bay Area, we aim to provide you with the best horseback riding, training and showing experience!

jumper training barn horseback riding

We believe that horseback riding should be a fulfilling experience, regardless of your skill level. Our diverse training program caters to riders of all ages looking to be competitive riders, show, and grow a partnership with their horse. Whether you're looking to just start your journey or take your riding skills to new heights, our Livermore horseback riding training program provides an enriching and enjoyable experience for all.

For experienced riders, we offer advanced riding lessons that are designed to help you take your riding skills to the next level. Whether you want to improve your balance, speed, or control, our professional trainers will work with you to create a customized training program that meets your specific needs and goals.

horseback riding in Livermore CA

Our professional trainers are always happy to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the right program for your needs and goals.

Contact Us and let us know your riding goals today!

Horse rescue how to donate and help save horses


    Horse Boarding FAQs

    Horse boarding info, pricing and details

    Willow and Wolf Ranch is the premier horse boarding and training stables in the Bay Area for retirement boarding and competitive riders. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Livermore, CA, our exclusive facility offers a haven for both horses and their owners, providing an unparalleled boarding and training experience. With a prime location near Danville, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Castro Valley, Oakland, and Blackhawk, we are the ideal choice for equestrians seeking top-notch care and a flourishing equestrian community.

    Indoor Riding Arena with Olympic Footing

    At Willow and Wolf, we offer a variety of boarding options to suit the needs of every horse and owner, from spacious pastures where horses can roam freely to well-appointed stalls for individual care. Our retired horse boarding program is designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that every horse enjoys their golden years in comfort and tranquility.

    Our facilities cater to the equestrian enthusiast seeking top-tier horseback riding lessons, with programs tailored to all levels, from beginners to advanced riders. Our experienced instructors and well-trained horses provide an unparalleled riding experience, emphasizing safety, technique, and the joy of riding.

    What sets Willow and Wolf Ranch apart is our commitment to harmony between horses and nature. Our approach to care is holistic, ensuring that every horse receives personalized attention, regular veterinary and farrier services, and a diet suited to their specific needs. We believe in keeping owners connected with their horses, offering regular updates and welcoming visits to the ranch.

    Choose Willow and Wolf Ranch for a boarding experience that combines luxury, care, and the natural beauty of the Bay Area. Discover a place where horses and riders can thrive together in harmony.

    Join us in the Bay Area where devotion meets excellence. Our facility is a sanctuary of optimal care for horses and a cradle of comprehensive education for competitive riders. Fueled by a community of passion and a team of experts, we craft an equestrian experience where every stride echoes quality, care, and the fulfillment of equestrian dreams.

    Under new ownership since November 2018, Willow and Wolf Ranch (formerly known as Diamond Hills Equestrian Center) takes pride in setting the standard for excellence in horse boarding. Our dedication to exceptional horsemanship and unwavering commitment to the well-being of our equine companions is what sets us apart from the rest.the Best Bay Area Barn Willow and Wolf Ranch
    What makes Willow and Wolf Ranch stand out among other boarding facilities? It's simple – we offer a winning combination of luxury amenities, expert care, and a serene environment that fosters a strong sense of camaraderie among fellow horse enthusiasts.

    Our facility boasts gorgeous private boarding options, ensuring that your beloved horse receives individualized attention and care. From spacious stalls equipped with soft bedding and regular cleaning to ample turnout spaces allowing for free movement and grazing, we prioritize your horse's comfort and happiness.

    At Willow and Wolf Ranch, safety is paramount. Our well-maintained barns and secure fencing provide a safe haven for your equine companion. Our team of experienced staff members is on-site 24/7, providing attentive care and quick response to any need that may arise.
    jumper traiing in livermore CA
    Beyond the excellent boarding services, we offer top-tier horse training programs led by skilled professionals. Whether you're seeking basic groundwork, specialized discipline training, or preparing for competitions, our trainers are dedicated to nurturing the full potential of both horse and rider.

    Joining our community means becoming part of a supportive and like-minded group of equestrians who share a passion for horses. Social events, clinics, and workshops regularly take place on our grounds, fostering a sense of camaraderie and learning that enriches both horse and rider experiences.
    livermore ca horse boarding stables Willow and Wolf Ranch
    Discover the best horse boarding experience the Bay Area has to offer at Willow and Wolf Ranch. Come and witness the beauty of our facility, meet our attentive team, and envision your horse thriving in our care. Contact us today to secure your horse's place in our exclusive boarding community, and let us embark on this remarkable equestrian journey together. Your horse deserves the very best, and that's precisely what we provide at Willow and Wolf Ranch. 

    stall beautiful barn envy Willow and wolf Ranch Northern CA

    Inside Stall with Oversized Paddock; includes auto water, fly repellent systems using a safe, environmentally, human, and horse friendly spray. 

    IIIndoor riding arena northern ca clinics Willow and Wolf Ranch

    Indoor Arena with Olympia Footing

    If you are interested in becoming a part of our private training barn please contact us to learn about current openings to our program(s).  

    Ample Turn-Outs

    Retirement Pasture Horse Boarding California Willow and Wolf Ranch

    "To be able to design helpful methods, we have to have profound knowledge. We have to study the horse's anatomy and biomechanics so that we can decide which part of the system needs strengthening. This leads to the design of movements and exercises which we feel confident will have the desired effect, so that they will compel the horse to activate his muscular system, in the relevant areas."

    - The Baron Hans Von Blixen Finecke"    

    Rider's recognition of himself in space: Rider's bio-mechanics; rider's ability to identify and separate the use of different muscle groups; rider's ability to influence the horse (positively or negatively), riders direction of force.  

    Rider's recognition of the horse in space: Horse's biomechanics, alignment, balance, dynamics of gait, horse's direction of force.

    Approaching the horse's learning process sympathetically: Horses don't have foreknowledge of what will be asked of them. They learn retrospectively- they must "sum-up" what the intended response is after the correction or reward takes place. They also are not emotionally interested in pleasing or displeasing the rider. They are mostly looking out for their own best interest and draw from what has worked in the past, however, we do see different levels of ease of influence.

    Creating a training process that begets the wished-for result: having realistic expectations when something is new; encouraging the horse to experiment; recognizing the horse's first true attempt at accommodating the rider; discernment of when the rider should ask for more and when the rider should "let him off" and reward; deciphering between bewilderment and a "bad-attitude"; how to make effective corrections.

    Developing strategy: The what to do, i.e., actions, exercises, patterns, etc.

    Developing technique: The how to do it, i.e., refining the rider's skill, use of their body to have maximum influence over the horse, etc.  

    Evaluating the horse for positive results: Horses in training should show positive side-effects of correct riding and schooling. Development of musculature, development of gaits (improved form and function), the progression of trainability, ride-ability, and willingness.

    Grand Prix Dressage Trainers 

    Olive Branches Ordering + Info

    Want to order our olive branches and need more info? We can help!

    Branches Care Sheet

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Decorate your space with our freshly picked, made-to-order olive branches, ideal for home decor, weddings, and events. Our ranch-grown branches, handcrafted for elegance, blend lush green to soft beige hues, perfect for seasonal decor and special occasions. Embrace peace and goodwill with every branch. Shop now for your custom olive branch decor!

    WHEN TO ORDER: To guarantee availability, we recommend placing your order early. Our cutting schedule is organized based on the delivery dates of orders and the sequence in which they are received. For orders intended for a particular event, please specify the desired ARRIVAL date in the comments section of your purchase.

    *** ONLY ORDER SELECTING 2-Day Shipping for a guaranteed fresh delivery ***
    RECOMMENDED DELIVERY DATE: For optimal freshness at your event, we suggest scheduling delivery 2-3 days prior. For instance, if your event is on a Saturday, we recommend a Thursday delivery.
    HOW TO CARE: To maintain the quality of the branches, keep them away from direct sunlight and high heat, as these conditions can lead to fading and brittleness. Regularly misting the stems is recommended. Expect the fresh leaves to naturally fade and possibly curl as they dry. Shedding is a normal occurrence for natural materials.

    Disclaimer: Since these greeneries are custom-made and cut to order, all sales are final. As made-to-order items, they are not eligible for returns. Additionally, an unconfirmed address may result in delayed shipment.


    Usage Ideas:

    • Table Centerpiece: Transform your dining table with an elegant, natural centerpiece.
    • Wall Decor: Bring Mediterranean charm to your walls, enhancing your home's atmosphere.
    • Special Events: Use them to add a meaningful touch to weddings and other significant occasions.
    • Gift of Peace: Express goodwill and peace to your loved ones with an Olive Branch.

    Why Our Olive Branch Decor?

    Our Olive Branch Decor is carefully sourced to maintain its natural beauty and symbolism. Harvested from healthy olive trees, it authentically captures the essence of the Mediterranean.

    Experience the sophistication, symbolism, and tranquility our Olive Branch Decor brings. Add a Mediterranean flair to your environment with these genuine, natural wonders.

    Ranch Photography Info

    Searching for the perfect ranch or custom location for your upcoming photoshoot or commercial? Look no further than Willow and Wolf Ranch, the top-rated ranch and equestrian facility in the Bay Area. Ideal for photoshoots, stunning backdrops, and tailored projects, our picturesque ranch setting is just what you need.
    Whether it's family photo sessions, engagement shoots, wedding photography, or any other creative project, we've got you covered. Get in touch with us for our approved list of photographers or reach out to book your next photoshoot at Willow and Wolf Ranch. Don't miss out on this beautiful venue to capture your most memorable moments!
    Team Photos
    Basic Ranch Use Fee 
    Furniture Rental  Fee    $15/hr+


    BASIC USE: This package is our basic, standard session, which allows one photographer to utilize the natural landscape of the ranch. This does NOT include the use of any horses or animals in the backdrop, only natural landscape.

    FURNITURE USE: Rates WILL vary per season. This includes use of your selected furniture rental piece. This rental allows one photographer to utilize selected piece for their session. The furniture will be moved to the photo location of your choice. We will move the piece to the location you desire, and will not relocate multiple times to different locations on the property for the same standard fee. 

    Note: The above pricing does not include an animal or even using any of the animals as a backdrop. Also, this rate can vary during the holiday seasons and pricing will reflect such change.

    ALL Packages are a MINIMUM of 2 hours. Our listed pricing is for ONE subject or family (no more than 5 people total).

    PLEASE NOTE: We only work with professional photographers that can provide us with the proper business insurance. 
    Fashion Styled Photoshoot Location Outdoors, Ranch, Horses in Bay Area

    (c) Three Bird Nest

    Family Photography Location
    Outdoor Photography 
    bay area location photography
    Studio Photography 

    Horse Retirement Costs

    We have the best horse retirement spaces. Monthly board for retired horses is $800/mo.

    If you need us to grain, provide additional service we can assist with that too. Message Us so we can schedule a visit for you.