The best horseback riding lessons for kids and adults, dressage horse training + private stables in Livermore, CA.
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Willow and Wolf Ranch offers horseback riding lessons and horse boarding stables in the Bay Area. Our experienced instructors provide top-notch riding lessons for riders of all levels. Visit us today to experience the joy of horseback riding. Book now!
Riding Lessons for Kids and adults in Livermore CA. Schedule your clinic or photography session with our Unicorn at Willow and Wolf Ranch in Livermore CA
Billings Equestrian
Bay Area's best children’s riding lessons + dressage horse training equestrian facility. Billings Equestrian.
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Horse rescue how to donate and help save horses
Bay Area Horse Rescue
Our Horse Rescue
Our vision + dream is to make horseback riding accessible and affordable for all children, regardless of socio-economical status. By rescuing horses + working with local organizations we hope to pair child + horses together for healing. Donate today and help us save more horses + humans.
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Fresh Cut Olive Tree Greens
The Olive Orchard
Producing premier olive oil + fresh cut live olive tree branch bunches from our home grown olive trees. Live olive tree branches greenery + fresh cuts ship worldwide! Add a little live cut greenery to your home and dining table with one of our fresh olive tree bunches. Order your live olive leaves bunches today.
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Willow & Wolf Ranch

Operating ranch + premier equestrian training center offering horse boarding in the Bay Area and dressage horseback riding lessons at THE most beautiful barn in Livermore, CA . Connect with horses + enjoy serenity.

Home to Billings Equestrian we are proud to offer you and your horse an unparalleled peaceful experience every time you visit our ranch. From a private lounge viewing room to a full indoor arena for all-weather riding with Olympian footing. 

Willow & Wolf Ranch, a Private Equestrian Center + Olive Oil Mill operating as a private facility in Livermore, CA. Please contact us as we are not open to the public without an appointment.

Check out our ranch photography + location services available. 

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