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Willow and Wolf Ranch is a private horse boarding and training facility located in Livermore, CA conveniently near Danville, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Castro Valley, Oakland, and Blackhawk. Formerly operated as Diamond Hills Equestrian Center as of November 2018 it is now under new ownership and named Willow and Wolf Ranch. 

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Inside Stall with Oversized Paddock; includes auto water, fly repellent systems using a safe, environmentally, human, and horse friendly spray. 

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Indoor Arena with Olympia Footing

If you are interested in becoming a part of our private training barn please contact us to learn about current openings to our program(s).  


Shared Paddock + Pasture $950/mo

Full Care Package $1,050/mo+

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Ample Turn-Outs

"To be able to design helpful methods, we have to have profound knowledge. We have to study the horse's anatomy and biomechanics so that we can decide which part of the system needs strengthening. This leads to the design of movements and exercises which we feel confident will have the desired effect, so that they will compel the horse to activate his muscular system, in the relevant areas." - The Baron Hans Von Blixen Finecke"    

Riding Training in Bay Area

Rider's recognition of himself in space: Rider's bio-mechanics; rider's ability to identify and separate the use of different muscle groups; rider's ability to influence the horse (positively or negatively), riders direction of force.  

Rider's recognition of the horse in space: Horse's biomechanics, alignment, balance, dynamics of gait, horse's direction of force.

Approaching the horse's learning process sympathetically: Horses don't have foreknowledge of what will be asked of them. They learn retrospectively- they must "sum-up" what the intended response is after the correction or reward takes place. They also are not emotionally interested in pleasing or displeasing the rider. They are mostly looking out for their own best interest and draw from what has worked in the past, however, we do see different levels of ease of influence.

Creating a training process that begets the wished-for result: having realistic expectations when something is new; encouraging the horse to experiment; recognizing the horse's first true attempt at accommodating the rider; discernment of when the rider should ask for more and when the rider should "let him off" and reward; deciphering between bewilderment and a "bad-attitude"; how to make effective corrections.

Developing strategy: The what to do, i.e., actions, exercises, patterns, etc.

Developing technique: The how to do it, i.e., refining the rider's skill, use of their body to have maximum influence over the horse, etc.  

Evaluating the horse for positive results: Horses in training should show positive side-effects of correct riding and schooling. Development of musculature, development of gaits (improved form and function), the progression of trainability, ride-ability, and willingness.

Grand Prix Dressage Trainers 

Horse Boarding Info.

Willow and Wolf Ranch is a premier horse boarding stables and training barn in Livermore, CA. Offering horseback riding lessons for amateur + professional riders. Beautiful pastures, turnouts, Olympic footing, and topline amenities for horse and rider. Connect with us to learn more.

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Horse + Rider

Join Us. Board Here.

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Premier training show barn located in Livermore offering an amazing opportunity to learn how to ride or to advance your training. Looking for a place to call home? A place to escape to and train with your horse in peace? Then you have found us. Welcome to Willow + Wolf Ranch.

Barn Amenities

Oversized Horse Stalls

Large oversized plush stalls with paddocks overlooking our rolling peaceful pastures. Our goal is to bring the joy + calm that horses deliver to as many people as possible in a save, loving + supportive environment.  

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Turnouts for All Day Play

We know how important it is for horses to play safe + get open pasture time outdoors. Our beautiful turnouts allow for every horse to enjoy hours of turnout time. No wonder why ouor horses are HAPPY + LOVE living here.

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Lounge for You

Private lounge available for all boarders. Need to hop on a work call or enjoy a little quiet? Our VIP lounge will serve all your needs for off-site work.

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Welcome Home

Premium Horse Care and Equine Facilities

If you and your horse need a new home to grow + train inquire with us about leasing opportunities. Complete indoor riding arena + amenities.

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2.5 Acre Outdoor Arena

Space for everyone! Our large outdoor arena allows for multiiple training lessons + room to grow.

All Weather Amenities

Regardless of the weather outside our all-weather grooming, riding, boarding, and bathing areas are indoors!

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Space for Friends

Our horses love to see their friends all day and in our barn, they can. Calms even the hiighest of spirits.

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Space for All.

Happiest Horses are Here

You'll be close to everything at Willlow + Wolf Ranch. Freeways, amenities, your horse + more. Contact us to check for availability! AND even better, if you also have a retired horse we have a program for him too!

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