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Willow + Wolf Ranch is a Bay Area family run ranch + equestrian training facility located in Livermore, CA. Our ranch is set on a peaceful southern hillside of 120-acres overlooking the tri-valley. Boasting open fields, pastures and offering serenity to all its visitors we strive to deliver a beautiful, inspiring place where you feel at home, at peace and are free to be your best self.
The Meaning Behind the Brand:
the WOLF
The Native Wolf Symbol represents loyalty, strong family ties, good communication, education, understanding, and intelligence. Of all land animals, the Wolf has the strongest supernatural powers and is the most accomplished hunter. The Wolf is a very social and communicative creature, he uses body movement, touch, and sound. The Wolf Symbol has an important cultural significance to First Nations in North America.
Some First Nations people believe that wolves are the reincarnation of deceased hunters, and they are frequently impersonated at ceremonies as Wolves. If direction and purpose are lacking in life, when clarity and persistence are needed, the steadfast determination of the Wolf can overcome fear, indecision, and confusion. Healers often take the form of the Wolf in their ritual work. Wolves are fierce, loyal, independent and well able to offer support on the most challenging healing journey.
The willow tree has a long history of symbolism rooted in spirituality and cultural traditions. One of the most valuable traits of the willow tree is its flexibility. The willow tree is one of the few trees that is capable of bending in outrageous poses without snapping. This can be a powerful metaphor for those of us seeking recovery or a spiritual path. The message of the willow tree is to adjust with life, rather than fighting it, surrendering to the process.  
Just like the willow tree that’s strong and unbreaking, we believe that all women have the strength and determination needed to better themselves. And, create a life they can be most proud to live. Unfortunately, many women struggle to see themselves as the strong and unwavering willow tree and succumb to societal issues like substance abuse, trauma, and eating disorders

Demetrious Shaffer - Owner

Shaffer Hills Ranch - Demetrious About Us

Demetrious Shaffer is a retired Fire Chief + entrepreneur turned ranch owner. He enjoys the peaceful environment of the ranch and strives to create a one-of-a-kind environment for all visitors and borders. 

Demetrious and alicia shaffer


Alicia Shaffer - Owner

Horse Boarding Livermore, CA 

Alicia Shaffer is an entrepreneur now living her dream of owning + operating an equestrian training facility. She is enjoying the process of transforming the facility into an unforgettable training space for the equestrian community.

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With our 3 kids...