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Thank you for reaching out to us regarding retired horse boarding. We are proud to offer the best retired horse care and boarding program in the area. We have options for full-care and boarding + pasture grazing packages to meet the specific needs of your horse. Please let us know if you have any further questions or if you would like to schedule a visit to our facility. Horse Retirement Boarding at Willow and Wolf Ranch is THE farm retirement community you want for your horse. Horse Retirement Farm Boarding + Young Horse Pastures for rehabbing, retired or recovering horses. 

Personalized For Your Retired Horse

Willow + Wolf Equine Retirement is able to accommodate horses with a variety of health, dietary, behavior, and personal requests, Our goal is to meet your horse's needs and provide you with Peace of Mind, 24/7.

Bay Area Horse Retirement Ranch Farm

We board retired horses because we understand and appreciate your relationship with your horse. We want all of our clients and their horses to have the Peace of Mind that we were never afforded when our beloved horses were retired. Most importantly we want your horse to have the safe, healthy, and happy retirement regardless of their special needs.

Call today to reserve your horse's retirement. Limited Availability.

All of our boarding options can be billed at a flat monthly rate or itemized. The choice is yours. 


Our equine retirement facility is focused on easing the owners mind by giving optimal care to the horses 24/7 and creating a personalized care program as opposed to just releasing them out in the fields. As in any reasonable boarding facility, our services include quality hay, well preserved facilities and regular interactions with farriers and veterinarian doctors to help us give the highest quality of care to your horse. We keep a close eye on our hay and feeding program which is carefully planned and was developed after the relevant forage and soil tests in our area. Our pastures are well cared for so that your horse can graze to its fill almost every month of the year.

Some horse farms allow their horses to reside in the open pasture with access to a run-in shed. However, few of these horses ever choose to go inside the shed. Many horses are content to remain outside in a freezing blizzard, happily munching on their hay. They grow heavier winter coats to keep them warm, and the snow will actually accumulate on their back as they stood in the field. If they have enough quality hay to eat, their bodies will create enough heat, thus keeping them comfortable.  

green pastures horse retirement bay area

In California open spaces and pastures for horses are VERY rare. At Willow and Wolf Ranch the horses are allowed to develop ties with other horses in small groups, just like out in the wild, in open spaces. We feel very strongly that horses are happier mentally, emotionally and are physically healthier if they live how God designed them to- not boxed in, but having the freedom to graze in the field as was intended. Horses are different from us. They do not like a small cozy place, they want freedom to roam. Because they are a prey animal, they prefer to have the ability to see all the way around themselves. At Willow and Wolf Ranch we can profile this over ANY other ranch in the area. We have the pastures and room to roam. 

We realize that everyone isn’t able to have the options of paddock or pasture boarding and are forced to board their horses in stalls that have little to no turn-out. We are also aware that sometimes stall boarding is absolutely necessary for certain performance horses. Some upper-level show horses need the stall’s protection to prevent their coats from fading or prevent injury, and horses that are trying to recuperate from certain kinds of injuries also need the protection of the stall. However, horses should be allowed to roam free whenever possible.

green pastures in the Bay Area for Retired and rehabbing horses

As you are considering Willow and Wolf Ranch horse retirement services, remember that you are dealing with experts in this field + fellow horse owners. As an owner you desire to have premiere, above standard, care and a secure future for your retired horse. You may also find that you do not have enough time to spend with and tend to your retired horse, due to age, injury or unforeseen circumstances. Willow and Wolf Ranch will ensure that your horse receives proper care and attention even if you are not the one providing it so you may have a clear conscience.

Our prices were arrived upon after careful consideration so that we can be in a position to confidently promise a lasting commitment in equine retirement services of superior quality and is a closed community. We take time to get acquainted to new horses before gradually introducing them to their herds. Various health conditions are always catered to accordingly. Feel free to contact us and discuss your situation as you select the most appropriate boarding package.

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