Collection: Horses For Sale and Lease

Discover safe horses for sale and lease in Northern California. Our selection includes horses and ponies for both beginner and accomplished riders. Whether you're looking for a young green horse with potential or a seasoned schoolmaster, we have options to suit riders of all levels and interests.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to finding the ideal equine partner for you, and all of our horses and ponies undergo thorough veterinary checks to ensure their health and soundness. We believe in transparency and honesty throughout the purchasing process, and are happy to provide full disclosure on any relevant information. We take pride in our commitment to equine welfare. All of our horses and ponies receive the highest level of care and attention, from regular veterinary check-ups to customized nutrition plans. You can trust that each horse in our care is happy, healthy, and thriving. Browse our selection of horses and ponies for sale and lease today and discover your perfect match. With a range of options from young and green to experienced and reliable, we are confident that you will find a safe and suitable equine partner.

Horses for Sale Looking for your next equine partner? Explore our selection of horses and ponies for sale, your perfect match today!