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Horse Sales - Buying Trips to Europe

Dressage horses for sale

KC Dressage provides and unparalleled buying experience for your next Dressage partner.  With extensive experience horse shopping abroad, KC Dressage will take you on the trip of a lifetime.  In collaboration with us, you will determine the qualities you are looking for in an equine partner within your budget.  From your specifications, Kelly and her colleagues will set up an itinerary with the goal of riding ride 8-10 horses a day.  With our experienced agent and the close proximity to top stables, we can explore opportunities all over Europe--Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden and Denmark. 

We will walk you through every step of the buying experience from Pre-Purchase Exam to importing your new best friend.

KC Dressage accepts full training horses in preparation to be sold. Services include:
- Pre-sales training
- Sales video
- Online marketing,
- Response management
- Buyer visits
- Offer negotiation
- Vet check 
- Sales agreement facilitation

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