Olive Branch Ordering Info

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Decorate your space with our freshly picked, made-to-order olive branches, ideal for home decor, weddings, and events. Our ranch-grown branches, handcrafted for elegance, blend lush green to soft beige hues, perfect for seasonal decor and special occasions. Embrace peace and goodwill with every branch. Shop now for your custom olive branch decor!

WHEN TO ORDER: To guarantee availability, we recommend placing your order early. Our cutting schedule is organized based on the delivery dates of orders and the sequence in which they are received. For orders intended for a particular event, please specify the desired ARRIVAL date in the comments section of your purchase.

*** ONLY ORDER SELECTING 2-Day Shipping for a guaranteed fresh delivery ***
RECOMMENDED DELIVERY DATE: For optimal freshness at your event, we suggest scheduling delivery 2-3 days prior. For instance, if your event is on a Saturday, we recommend a Thursday delivery.
HOW TO CARE: To maintain the quality of the branches, keep them away from direct sunlight and high heat, as these conditions can lead to fading and brittleness. Regularly misting the stems is recommended. Expect the fresh leaves to naturally fade and possibly curl as they dry. Shedding is a normal occurrence for natural materials.

Disclaimer: Since these greeneries are custom-made and cut to order, all sales are final. As made-to-order items, they are not eligible for returns. Additionally, an unconfirmed address may result in delayed shipment.


Usage Ideas:

  • Table Centerpiece: Transform your dining table with an elegant, natural centerpiece.
  • Wall Decor: Bring Mediterranean charm to your walls, enhancing your home's atmosphere.
  • Special Events: Use them to add a meaningful touch to weddings and other significant occasions.
  • Gift of Peace: Express goodwill and peace to your loved ones with an Olive Branch.

Why Our Olive Branch Decor?

Our Olive Branch Decor is carefully sourced to maintain its natural beauty and symbolism. Harvested from healthy olive trees, it authentically captures the essence of the Mediterranean.

Experience the sophistication, symbolism, and tranquility our Olive Branch Decor brings. Add a Mediterranean flair to your environment with these genuine, natural wonders.