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Be a Part of Something Beautiful

Be a Part of Something Beautiful

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Here are Willow & Wolf Ranch we have the vision to create a beautiful space for our community and to do our part in giving back to it. We want to bring children who are in need of the positive energy that horses give and unwanted horses together in a safe place so they both can thrive.

We are working with a non-profit organization to utilize our property for keeping the horses and ensuring they have the best care and are loved. In order for this to happen there is a LOT of fences, run-ins, and footing for each area to be fixed.

Own a little piece of our happiness and opt to make a donation for a specific item or a set dollar amount. The amounts you see listed are priced out by the care for one horse to get the ranch operational. The fencing and run-ins are for the materials needed to have each one operational.

You can change the QTY for each item if you choose to donate more than one item.

Please message us with any questions and thanks for your support.


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