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Half Lease Jumper - Stylish Symphonee "Lyric"

Half Lease Jumper - Stylish Symphonee "Lyric"

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Stylish Symphonee "Lyric," your potential new partner for an on-site half lease! Lyric is a lovely 15.1 hand Morgan gelding who's 12 years young and full of zest. He's got a heart for jumping and has even shown his skills up to the 1.0 jumpers level. Imagine the fun you could have with him!

Lyric isn't just about speed and jumps; he's also one of the most honest and reliable jumpers you'll meet. He absolutely loves his job, and you can really feel his enthusiasm every time he takes on a course. It's like he's always telling you, "Don't worry, we've got this!"

What's really special about Lyric is how safe and supportive he is as a partner. He's the kind of horse that gives you that extra bit of confidence, whether you're looking to level up your jumping skills or just enjoy some quality time soaring over obstacles.

Thinking about joining forces with Lyric? It's not just about riding; it's about building a friendship with a horse who's as eager and passionate about jumping as you are. So, if you're dreaming of some exciting jumping adventures and lots of heartwarming moments, Lyric might just be your perfect match. Don't miss out on the chance to make some amazing memories with this fantastic gelding!

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